Feature Articles

Feature Articles


The only way to become a writer is to sit still and write.


I've been writing feature articles on and off since 2002, although in 1990 after the release of my book The Serpent Rising I was commissioned to write an article on cults and mind-control for Nature & Health magazine. I was surprised how easy this was and delighted with the large cheque I got in the mail. I spent the next 12 years making excuses not to write until one Xmas I read Steven King's book On Writing and decided that that was it. I was going to shut myself in a room and write.

I began by writing about things that really pissed me off such as the ban of dogs and cats in eco-villages (I was living at Kookaburra Park Eco-village, Gin Gin, at the time)  as well as the myths of divorce that were being spouted in the media by Tony Abbott and Archbishop Pell. Since then I've written about a wide range of issues including domestic violence, child abuse, the dangers of long meditation retreats, the Andrew Fitzherbert murder case and lots of articles about my father's aviation adventures. I like to shine a light on the darkness and look at things overlooked, dismissed or ignored. If you would like copies of any articles, please contact me.

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