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There has been a lot of publicity for Sundowner of the Skies, especially New Zealand, where Oscar Garden is now being hailed as New Zealand’s forgotten aviator.

Very honoured that Mr G. (Graeme Hoete), the acclaimed Māori artist, has done a magnificent portrait of my father at Tauranga Airport. This was unveiled and had a Maori Blessing on 11th August. It was one of the most profound and moving experiences of my life. See the clip in BOP article below. Since then there has been a description box added alongside, the text for which I provided.

There has also been quite a bit of feedback and discussion about cruel and cold fathers, the other thread in my book - besides the famous forgotten aviator! And what life was really like in the 1950s growing up in a small provincial town.

The review by Ross Fitzgerald in the Weekend Australian 24-25 August has been posted on his own website. It is marvelous!!!


21 August 2019: Duncan Garner, AM Show (TV), Auckland


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8 August: Brian Kelly at Coast FM Tauranga

10 July: Marilyn Jones, 92.7 Bay and Basin FM, pre-recorded.

1st July: Radio Sydney Breakfast, Josh Sveps, Catch me at 3:07 on this clip

27th June: 4CA 846 AM, Laurie Atlas, The Daily Agenda, The Greatest Aviation Story You’ve Never Heard

30th June: RNZ National, Jim Mora, Oscar Garden: The New Zealand aviation legend you've never heard of ://

19th June: 2ST Dave Stretton, pre-recorded

11th June: ABC Tropical North, Meechan Philpott, re-recorded  

5th June: ABC Sunshine Coast, Annie Gaffney, 9:50 am

28 May: ABC Goldfields-Esperance Poppy Penny 12:50 pm.

OUTSPOKEN MALENY: I was interviewed by Steven Lang at his Outspoken event at Maleny 25 June 2019